The ability to influence is an integral skill, as the ability to enact adult behavior change is the key to effective leadership, particularly for those looking to enact their vision through others (like employees). A truly great leader can influence the behavior of their students with subtlety, nuance and efficiency. The results are a cohesive mission, sweeping motivation, and increased profitability.

Mann University

Our leadership content, custom-made for those in retail and manufacturing. This course ranges from 101 to advanced, but none of it is optional if you want to be a profitable, influential leader. Contact us to learn how you can host a Mann U!

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Mann University Raleigh NC April 4-6

This Mann U is for Owners and Managers who are looking to refine your sales program.  In these three days we will spend our time learning the philosophy of sales, how to train staff in sales, create a training approach and learn how to create a culture of accountability.

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